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Start / stop water service

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Water in your community

What is the water source for my neighborhood?

Frisco Ranch & The Preserve Water Source – Pumps draw water from two ground water wells located in Frisco Ranch. These pumps are roughly 1,000 feet down drawing water from the Aquifer.

Frisco Hills Water Source – The water is purchased wholesale from the Town of Little Elm. The Town of Little Elm purchases water from North Texas Municipal Water District. The water is drawn from surface water sources including Lake Lavon, Texoma and Cooper.  

Annual water quality reports

In the /documents?type=miscMisc folder of the documents folder will show the annual water quality report, also known as a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), for your district. The report, released every July for sampling performed the previous calendar year, includes the following information about your drinking water:

  1. Water source
  2. Regulated Contaminant levels
  3. EPA standards for safe contaminant levels
  4. Lead & Copper Sample Information
  5. Chlorine Disinfectant Residual Report

The CCR below is for water testing performed in 2022, available in pdf format, and will be available and posters per state and federal guidelines by July 1, 2023.

For any questions regarding the CCR (Consumer Confidence Report), please contact Inframark at (281) 579-4500.