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FW Recycling collection schedule 2024

Trash Collection: Every Tuesday

Recycling Collection: Every other Tuesday

Follow the calendar to view your recycling schedule. Orange denotes Frisco Ranch recycle days and blue denotes Frisco Hills recycle days. 

Collection Times: 7 AM – 7 PM

*To esnure your trash is picked up, trash MUST be set out by 7 am on the day of service with no vehicles or objects obstructing trash trucks or handlers from quick disposal.

Holiday Schedule Changes: Trash/Recycle Service will shift one day (to Wednesday) following Christmas (2023) and New Years (2024).

Bulk Trash:

  • Up to 2 Cubic Yards: Community Waste Disposal (CWD) will recover up to 2 cubic yards of bulk waste from your home on collection day (Tuesday’s).
  • If you have a large pick up, call CWD in advance to see if there are any additional service charges.
Trash infographic

Hazardous Waste and Electronics

The District has transitioned from the annual extreme green event to an on-demand service for household hazardous waste and electronics. Information on how to use this service, including the types of items that can be accepted, along with a calendar for pickup can be found below.

hazardous waste and electronics

Trash FAQs