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Water Pressure Update 2 – 8/28

August 28, 2023

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Frisco West WCIDDC

Residents, I wanted to post an update regarding the water pressure issues in Frisco Ranch. This is going to be a longer post, so be warned about that.

First, I wanted to outline the communication chain we have been utilizing at the District during this time. Inframark, the District’s water operator has been constantly working to try to resolve the problems we have had regarding water pressure. I have been consistently in communication with them when there issues have popped up. I have also relayed this information to the Board members, and when more substantial updates come through, notifying you, the residents.

What I have been told is that part of our challenge is that we have actually faced multiple issues that have happened all within a short span of time.

Multiple issues could cause water pressure loss: – overconsumption – leaks from the district water lines – pump failures – electrical failures – and many more

Last week, we experienced the first water pressure incident, which was due to a software upgrade that caused communication issues between the hardware and the water operator. Our systems notify us through an alarm that water levels are low, and that the automated systems need to be turned off and the system needs to be managed manually. This lack of an alarm is what caused the first water pressure issue.

Over the course of last week, multiple issues have caused the losses of pressure, predominately over the past few days. This has been difficult to precisely diagnose, as it appeared as though the software and hardware were working as intended, but we were still not being notified due to power issues. At the time, power cycling the hardware appeared to fix the issue.

Over the weekend, we discovered that there may be a separate power issue where a connection was faulty – due to a power surge, poor connection – something. Last night (Sunday), we switched to using a generator to power our systems, and there was no issue as a result.

Today, we are making repairs to the electrical connections that we believe are the source of the issue. However, because the pumps need to refill the tank, restoring pressure will not be immediate. It will take some time to fill up the tank, which will vary based on on-demand consumption while the refilling is occurring. We are also exploring our other options do expedite this.

We are aware of the frustration and concerns you have. We share those frustrations and concerns. The words I want to use to describe this situation are escaping me with the level of frustration I have. I echo your concerns and frustrations, and take them seriously.

We are diligently working on it – that is a promise.